Our gastroenterology service provides consultations and all the necessary investigations for your child.

In addition, we are able to make referrals to appropriate other specialists around Cambridge who mostly also work at Addenbrookes hospital, but are all well known to us.

Investigations that your child may need during/after their visit may include X-rays and blood tests, which can be carried out at the Nuffield Hospital on children over 3 years.

We also have access to all types of imaging that might be needed, including barium studies to detect anatomic abnormalities, CT and MRI scans. All these investigations are reported by paediatric radiologists whose practice is based at Addenbrookes hospital.

Other investigations such as breath tests, pH/impedance studies and endoscopies are all carried out at Addenbrookes hospital, where we have access to the full range of staff and equipment to carry out these procedures safely. Should your child need specific endoscopic treatment / investigation, such as a wireless capsule endoscopy or polyp removal, then these are also all arranged via our endoscopy service at Addenbrookes hospital.

We accept referrals from GPs, referrals from other paediatricians for specialist opinions; and other paediatric/adult gastroenterologists for second opinions. You can also refer your child or family directly for general health checks or if you have any particular concerns.


Bookings can be made Monday – Friday between 0800-1700

Clinic times

Rob Heuschkel – Mondays 8:00-10:00

Camilla Salvestrini  – Thursdays 8:00-12:00

Jackie Taylor – Tuesdays 17:30-19:30

A referral from your family doctor or Paediatrician is usually helpful to provide background information on your child. This allows our doctors to be best prepared for your clinic visit. You are welcome to bring a referral letter to the clinic visit itself. We also accept self-referring patients.

An initial appointment is usually 30 minutes, with follow up appointments usually lasting about 20 minutes. If you feel you require additional time (e.g. complex history, second opinions), please request a longer appointment at the time of booking.


Please contact our secretariat for details of our fees. Given our specialist practice, there may be a shortfall on your policy (e.g. with second complex second opinions, international referrals), so please call to discuss this with our secretaries before your appointments. We can frequently negotiate with your insurance company for support of more complex procedures for children.

Cambridge Paediatric Practice offers you and your child an honest, caring and expert consultation. We pride ourselves on offering you quick and easy access to our services, where we will provide you with excellent care and prompt and clear communication.