Carine Henry

Current appointment

Registered Dietitian
Paediatric Specialist


My work as a Cambridge Paediatric Dietitian has spanned 25 years, with a strong clinical background, research and teaching experience in medical conditions where nutrition and diet play a large part. I have extensive professional knowledge of the identification, diagnosis and treatment of food allergic conditions such as cow’s milk allergy and its related feeding difficulties in infancy. I devise evidence-based dietary treatment plans that are easy to understand and practical to follow; the aim of which is always to address and resolve symptoms and support wellbeing with nutrition education.

Clinical Background

Working in clinical practice as a Paediatric Dietitian since 1992, my early experience was based at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge. Assessing child growth; energy and nutrient intake; individual children’s needs and devising effective nutritional treatment plans are the basis for the tools of my trade! In a hospital-wide role in 1996-2000, and as part of a multi-disciplinary NutritionTeam, we provided nutritional support to adults and children across the hospital, with a variety of clinical conditions. I worked on other hospital wide projects, including the introduction of nutritional screening. In a combined clinical/research role with the MRC Clinical Nutrition Research team in 1996-8, we used innovative ways to assess body composition, energy expenditure and micronutrient status, which importantly contributed to the commissioning of a dedicated home Nutrition Support Service. Throughout 2000 – 2004 I continued to expand Paediatric Nutrition services at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, including a multi-disciplinary Special Needs Feeding Team and grew the Dietetic Outpatient service. This helped manage the increasing numbers of infants and children we were seeing with food allergic disease and gastro-intestinal problems. My role then became focused on how best to identify, diagnose and treat food intolerance conditions such as coeliac disease and cow’s milk allergy.

Clinical interests

The understanding of Cow’s Milk Allergy and its optimal treatment continues to evolve and is my main area of clinical interest and expertise. It presents in many different ways, providing challenges for less experienced practitioners, not least because it’s symptoms are so similar to other common conditions in infancy. Prompt, expert dietetic management delivers excellent outcomes. The Infant Microbiome and its relevance to clinical practice is another area of intense professional and scientific interest to me. This year I have been fortunate to peer-review a 9 module on-line course entitled An introduction to the Infant Microbiome and Epigenetics, and fundamentally I believe it has the potential to be of great value in the treatment of diet related conditions.

Non-Clinical interests

My other food interests focus on sustainability, public health and school nutrition education, which I am able to contribute to locally as a steering group member of Cambridge Sustainable Food. I work with public organisations and stakeholders throughout Cambridgeshire to promote school nutrition education and influence local policy.

Paediatric Nutrition

In 2002, and after the birth of my 2nd child, I established my Cambridge Paediatric Nutrition practice, allowing a more flexible work and family life. I freelance in other areas of Paediatric Nutrition including NHS practice, GP training, health professional workshops as well as private one-to-one appointments. I am delighted to work as part of Cambridge Paediatric Practice and privileged to be their Paediatric Dietitian. I accept referrals from the team, local Paediatricians including:

Atopic Eczema
Coeliac Disease
Cow’s Milk Allergy
Disordered Eating
Feeding Difficulties
Food Refusal

Fructose Intolerance
Food Intolerance
Gastro-oesophageal Reflux
Growth Faltering
Iron deficiency anaemia
Multiple Food Allergy
Weaning Worries

I am registered with the Health Care Professions Council and recognised by most Health Insurance companies.